• The published web site rate applies to all individual registrations.
  • SETC Training will always run a course (Yes, even with one person in the class) if one of our trainers is available.
  • If you absolutely need a course, we will run many of our courses for an individual with a 50% surcharge.
Small Groups
(2 to 4 people)
  • Guaranteed training dates when you register 3 people in the same course.
  • Discounts on the per person rate apply when you register several people in the same course.
Large Groups
(5 people or more)
  • Guaranteed training dates
  • Discounts up to 89% for every participant after the first 4
All confirmed course bookings are subject to a 10 working day cancellation policy. If you cancel within 10 working days of the course start date, the full amount of the course will be invoiced. If you need more information on our cancellation policy, please contact us.

If your business is located in Ontario, a Canada-Ontario Job Grant application could result in the government paying for 83% of your training. We can help you through the application. Contact Cynthia for more information.