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There are several axioms in the testing world. Realities like you can not eradicate every bug and that the more bugs you find, the harder they are to find are accepted by the industry. However, these axioms do not mean that you give up the fight. In fact, good testing and quality assurance is one of the most essential risk mitigation techniques that an organization undertakes. The Testing & QA Management courses at SETC Ottawa will help you plan and execute your testing activities with flawless precision. Our training includes the different forms of testing (Load, Stress, Regression, User Acceptance, etc..), writing good test plans & test cases, and automating tests through test automation. Our testing & QA courses cover bug types, the bug fix process & master test plan development. SETC Training also offers training on Visual Studio .NET Testing, HP UFT, HP ALM, HP QTP & more.

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