Time Management Training: Managing Work & Relationships

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Course Description

There are 168 hours in every week. Time enough to work, live, love, sleep and have fun, right? Modern life can seem to take over, running from activity-to-activity, deadline-to-deadline. The course Managing Work & Relationships (Time Management Training) will help participants understand their personal time-crunch matrix, identify their priorities, set clear goals, and learn how to apply specific tools and techniques to gain breathing room again.

Course Dates and Pricing

Jul 15 - 15, 2024$850.00Aug 12 - 12, 2024$850.00Sep 16 - 16, 2024$850.00Oct 14 - 14, 2024$850.00Nov 11 - 11, 2024$850.00

Course Outline

Principles of Time Management

What is Time Management
Over Time, Over Budget, Over-burdened, Overwhelmed
Stress - the real toll
Fundamentals of Time Management - managing yourself, managing your work, managing your relationships
Time Wasters

Self-Assessment - Time-Crunch Matrix

7-days, 168 hours
Mapping Priorities
Setting Goals
Personal hurdles - how to stick to the plan

Time Management Tools to Get You Ahead of the Curve

Managing meeting madness
Identifying SMART objectives
The 80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle)
Using GANTT charts (Excel)
Tech blockers
The Art of No
The beauty of delegation
If you say it, do it - power of setting goals and priorities
Nanna?s notes and lists
Workspace organization
Personal planning systems

Your Time-Management Makeover Plan

Review self-assessment
Managing yourself
Managing your workload
Managing your relationships

Course Locations

  • Ottawa

  • Montreal

  • Toronto

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