Change Management Training: Mastering a Process Approach to Change

Course Delivery

Live Instructor-Led Training

Course Description

The course Getting Work Done with Processes (Change Management Training) is an exploration of process-based change management. You learn to apply process science to organizational change management in complex environments. The training includes the use of processes in the design & execution of effective organizational change and reorganization. The workshop provides opportunities to explore and discuss every aspect of organizational change including culture, people, strategies, techniques and tools. This management level workshop is immersive, effective and efficient.

Course Dates and Pricing

Apr 10 - 11, 2023$1,500.00May 8 - 9, 2023$1,500.00Jun 5 - 6, 2023$1,500.00Jul 10 - 11, 2023$1,500.00

Course Outline

Change: What is it and why is it so difficult?

Why is making changes so difficult?
Understanding Change from a People Perspective
Understanding Change from a Business Perspective
First Things First: Defining and Understanding the Drivers of Change
Why Change Fails!
Traditional versus Agile Project Management
Applying Agile Principles to Change Management
An 8-Step Change Management Process

A Process Perspective to Change Management

What is a Process?
Process Models of Change
Leading Change: A Process Perspective
Patterns of Change
Recognizing the Need for Change
Identifying what Needs to be Changes
Starting the Change
Building Change Relationships

Leading and Managing People

The Importance of Organizational Culture
Leadership and Change Management
Power, Politics and Stakeholder Management
The Critical Role of Communication in Change Management
Being an Agent for Change: Motivating Others
Supporting People through Change

Planning and Preparing for Change

Designing Implementation Strategies
Identifying Business Requirements
Creating and Maintaining Requirements Documentation
Creating a Change Plan
Options and Strategies for Intervention and Guidance
Conducting Research for Action and Alternatives
Effective Questioning and Inquiry
Implementing Continuous Improvement
High Performance Management
Business Process Reengineering

Implementing, Measuring and Sustaining Change

The Change Cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act
Understanding the Role of Performance Metrics
Choosing and Measuring Key Performance Indicators
How to Make Changes to the Change
Keeping the Change on Track
Validating that Requirements have been Achieved
Consolidating Wins and Moving Forward
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Micro-Management and Procedural Processes
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Scope Creep

Key Tools and Techniques

Effective Communications
Managing the Emotional Factor
Managing Conflict
Doing Good Research
Making Good Analytical Choices
The Importance of Task Planning: Plan the Work

Putting it All Together

A Group Discussion on the use of Processes in the Client Organization

Course Locations

  • Ottawa

  • Montreal

  • Toronto

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